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DNAux - Auxiliary DNA Software
Software package that includes a Random Generator Tool to generate a lists of random elements in a text file (such as DNA sequences) and a Sliding Window Sequences Generator to compute a list of partially overlapped sequences from any DNA sequence.

Software for Y-STR haplotype diversity calculation.

Software tool designed to find direct repeats, inverted repeats, mirror repeats and complementary repeats, from 3 bp to 64 bp length, in circular genomes.

The SNPYGoat Software allows users of the SNPYGoat multiplex system to rapidly identify several goat Y-chromosomal haplotypes.

SPInDel is a method for species identification in all domains of life using multiplex analysis of variable-length sequences containing multiple insertion/deletion (indel) variants.

A comprehensive on-line resource with curated datasets of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) rearrangements. MitoBreak provides a complete, quality checked and regularly updated list of breakpoints from three classes of somatic mtDNA rearrangements: circular deleted (deletions), circular partially-duplicated (duplications) and linear mtDNAs.

Software designed to connect with the multilocus sequence typing (MLST) database and automatically detect the positions of the SNaP profile(s), as well as, complement the information of the SNaP profile with the remaining MLST sequence(s) data.